Brand Feature: Radii

Radii (ray-dee-eye) Footwear brings an
unbridled passion for art and couture to the
world of sneakers and high-end footwear.

radii footwear

radii footwear 1

Functionality and fashion forward looks, So Cal’s very own Radii Footwear.  Starting off in 2008 Radii Footwear envisioned making a line that involved intricate details, comfort, production of high quality footwear, that was at the same time fashion forward.  And just within a few years that vision became a reality.  For Radii Footwear each piece they’ve mastered continues to exceeds expectations with their creative concepts, high quality value, and much wanted comfort, their footwear is loved by the masses.

radii footwear 2

Radii’s classic looks are decked out with futuristic designs, intricate detail work, and made of only high quality material pieces.  This brand continues to wow us with each masterpiece they draw out.  Radii’s collection not only includes dope footwear, but an array of  printed socks and headwear as well.

The growing success of Radii Footwear has spilled over throughout the world.  And has become a highly sought after brand by many streetwear lovers.  Their pieces can be found in high end retailers throughout the US and the world.   And also on their online store.  Radii’s latest collection includes a updated look to their “Basic”, adding a little flare with the addition of tassels.

radii tassel

To check out thier latest collection pieces and other dope gear hit em up at