Retail Spotlight: KNYEW

“Keeping New York Everywhere”

Two DJ’s, Las Vegas, and an idea for a boutique.  And today that idea has sparked into one of the most successful brand retailers in the streetwear game KNYEW.  DJ Crooked who was a residential DJ at the famous  Las Vegas Jet Nightclub, pitched his idea for a boutique to close friend DJ Neva who also had a residential gig with the nightclub.  Crooked who originally is from New York loved the east coast fashion vibe which Las Vegas was lacking.  He realized the desert was missing a much need go to boutique to get the latest gear from top streetwear brands.  The two found the right people to make this idea become a reality and now KNYEW pronounced “new” is a booming success.


With an already mass following and connections in the industry the two DJ’s, brand recognition spread like wild fire throughout Las Vegas and blazed even quicker through the US.  The boutique located in Spring Mountain, Las Vegas gained much attention as many flocked over to see what this boutique was offering from the latest streetwear brands and gear from their own line.  KNYEW’s line is now being carried throughout several exclusive retailers throughout the US, and also internationally.  The New York vibe and culture of the boutique was a huge success.  KNYEW success says it has to do a lot with “all about looking fresh, always about style, and having swagger.”


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