With season 2 of our favorite show Narcos dropping today you know we will be staying glued to Netflix to find how Pablo meets his demise!  Last season we say him grow from a hustler to one of the most powerful men in the entire world but sadly everything that goes up has to come down..

The good news is Pablo can live forever through you!  The best way to show you are a loyal fan like us is by staying fresh in Escobar gear once you have finished watching the new season.  Check out some of our favorites from our website and shop from home and don’t forget to use the code LD45 for 45% this weekend only!! Be on the lookout for new designs and styles coming to StreetWearOfficial real soon:








Let us know which ones are your favorites and share your ideas for what you think would look really dope!!

Have a great Labor day weekend and keep that popcorn poppin!