After dropping its co-branded range with Lacoste earlier this month, Supreme now unveils its 2017 spring/summer collaboration with The North Face. Supreme X The North Face have numerous collections together, once again the two brands collaborate again for this season to create an extensive range of apparel and accessories designed with style and functionality in mind.


The collection itself includes the Trans Antarctica Expedition Pullover, Pant, Fleece Jacket, Big Haul Backpack and Headband. There’s no shortage of functional appeal, given that the the pullover and pant come with Gore-Tex nylon with the seams fully sealed, as well as a durable waterproof construction and reflective patches.

The fleece jacket features Polartec fleece and has reflective patches sewn on. For accessories, the backpack boasts a 1000D TPE fabric laminate body for some very serious, military-grade waterproof steez. Finally, there’s the headband that might just be the most versatile offering of the bunch, boasting logos from both Supreme and North Face and cementing another harmonious union between the two brands.

Supreme x North Face SS17 is set to launch at Supreme’s locations in New York, Los Angeles and Paris, as well as its online store on March 30. For those in Japan, you’ll have to wait until the April 1 release. Supreme has already released pricing of the items, and it can be seen below.

Gore-Tex® Pullover: $488
Gore-Tex® Pant: $368
Polartec® Fleece Jacket: $268
Big Haul Backpack: $158
Headband: $54


supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-yellow-polartec-fleece-jacket-25 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-red-polartec-fleece-jacket-26 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-olive-polartec-fleece-jacket-24 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-blue-royal-polartec-fleece-jacket-22 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-black-polartec-fleece-jacket-27 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-yellow-gore-tex-pullover-7 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-red-gore-tex-pullover-11 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-olive-gore-tex-pullover-10 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-blue-royal-gore-tex-pullover-9 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-black-gore-tex-pullover-12 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-polartec-fleece-jacket-28 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-polartec-fleece-jacket-29 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-gore-tex-pullover-13 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-gore-tex-pullover-14 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-gore-tex-pant-21 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-big-haul-backpack-37 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-blue-royal-headband-38 supreme-the-north-face-2017-spring-summer-group-headband-39